Alberta – Archived Bill Status Reports (1989-2007)
Alberta – Assembly Documents and Records
Alberta – Bills and Amendments
Alberta – Search Statutes and Regulations (CanLii)
Alberta Child Support Services Regulations and Legislation
Alberta Employment Standards – Legislation
Alberta Employment Standards and Federal Legislation
Alberta Finance – Legislation
Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Alberta Government
Alberta Health and Wellness – Legislation
Alberta Human Resources and Employement – Income Support Regulations and Legislation
Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission – Decisions
Alberta Justice: A Guide to the Legislative Process – Acts and Regulations
Alberta Legislative Assembly
Alberta Queen’s Printer
Regulations of Alberta
Statutes of Alberta

British Columbia
B.C. Queen’s Printer
British Columbia – Act/Ministry Responsibilities
British Columbia – Bills
British Columbia – Order in Council and Ministerial Order Resumes
British Columbia – Orders of the Day
British Columbia – Provisions in Force
British Columbia – Revised Statutes of British Columbia
British Columbia – Supplements to RSBC 1996
British Columbia – Votes and Proceedings
British Columbia Debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard)
British Columbia Government
British Columbia Supreme Court
Government of British Columbia: Information Policy and Privacy Branch
How A Bill Becomes Law in B.C.
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Oil and Gas Commission (British Columbia)
Provincial Court of British Columbia – Judgement Database

Canada / Federal
Canada Gazette
Canada-Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments
Canada’s Parliament
Canada-Table of Private Acts (1867 to December 31, year past)
Canada-Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers (1907 to December 31 year past)
Canadian Charter of Rights Decisions Digest
Canadian enviroOSH Legislation (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Policy and Regulations
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations (Department of Justice)

This site provides point-in-time access to consolidated Acts and regulations, advanced search engine, regulations listed alphabetically, Amendments “Not in force” and “Related provisions” links, access to helpful research resources and links to other related web sites.

Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982
Criminal Code
Federal Court of Canada – Court Reports
Federal Court of Canada Decisions
Final Report of the French Constitutional Drafting Committee
Free Licence for Copying Federal Law
Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure
Government Information – Federal and Provincial
House of Commons – Order Paper and Notice Paper
How a bill becomes law in Canada
Judgements of the Supreme Court of Canada

This service is provided through a collaborative effort of the Supreme Court of Canada and the LexUM laboratory in University of Montreal’s Faculty of Law. With some exceptions from between 1985 and 1988, the collection includes all judgments rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada since 1985. It also includes all judgments pertaining to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms rendered in 1983 and 1984.

Legislation related to Canadian Heritage
Proceeding Queries – Federal Court of Appeal
Proceedings Queries – Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada
Proceedings Queries – Federal Court cases
Progress of Legislation
Projected Order of Business
Provincial and Territorial Legislatures
Searching Canada Statutes & Regulations on the Internet
Sources of Canadian Law
Status of House Business

The UK Statute Law Database
The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online.
World law
World Legal Information Institute

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Manitoba – Bill Status Chart
Manitoba – Hansard (Debates and Proceedings Summary Index)
Manitoba – Order Paper
Manitoba – Statutes and Publications
Manitoba – Votes and Proceedings
Manitoba Government
Province of Manitoba: The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA)

New Brunswick
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick – House Business – Current Session
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick – House Business – Past Sessions
New Brunswick – Acts and Regulations
New Brunswick – Department of Justice – Search Regulations
New Brunswick – First Reading Bills
New Brunswick – How a Bill Becomes Law
New Brunswick – Provincial Court Decisions
New Brunswick – Search Statutes and Regulations
New Brunswick Government

Newfoundland Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador – House of Assembly Business (includes Hansard)
Newfoundland and Labrador – Progress of Bills
Newfoundland and Labrador – Statutes and Regulations
Newfoundland and Labrador Government
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories – Hansard
Northwest Territories – Status of Bills
Northwest Territories Department of Justice: Access and Privacy Information
Northwest Territories Government
Northwest Territories Statutes and Regulations
Oil and Gas – Legislation and Regulation (NWT)

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia – House of Assembly Bills
Nova Scotia – Legislation
Nova Scotia – Search Statutes and Regulations
Nova Scotia – Status of Bills
Nova Scotia Department of Justice: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Nova Scotia Government
Nova Scotia Hansard
Nova Scotia Statutes
Publications of the Nova Scotia Registry of Regulations
The Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Review Office

Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
This Assembly is one of two such bodies in Canada that works on a non-partisan,consensus basis. Among the many distinctive features of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly is the use of both English and Inuktitut in the proceedings of the House.
Legislative Assembly of Nunavut – Debates (Hansard)
Nunavut – Bills & Legislation
Nunavut – Statutes and Regulations
Nunavut Act
Nunavut Gazette
Nunavut Government
Nunavut Legislation

Court of Appeal for Ontario
Court of Appeal for Ontario – Webcast
Certain proceedings in Courtroom #1 at the Court of Appeal will be recorded and streamed live on the Court’s Internet website.  Recorded proceedings will be archived on the Court’s website for 90 days to ensure round-the-clock public access.
Detailed Legislative History (Public Statutes) Table (Ontario)
Government of Ontario: Access and Privacy Office
Ontario – Bills Before the House
Ontario – Hansard Search
Ontario – Proclamations
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Ontario Court of Justice
Ontario- e-Laws: Ontario Statutes and Regulations
Ontario Government
Researching Ontario Bills and Statutes
When do Ontario Acts and Regulations Come into Force?

Other Country
Full-text state statutes and legislation on the Internet (United States)
Laws of Hong Kong
Tasmanian Legislation
The UK Statute Law Database
United Kingdom Parliament
World law

Prince Edward Island
P.E.I. – Royal Gazette
P.E.I. Supreme Court
P.E.I. Supreme Court – Reasons for Judgment
Prince Edward Island – Progress of Bills
Prince Edward Island Government
Prince Edward Island: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Statutes and Regulations of Prince Edward Island

Quebec – Laws and Regulations
Quebec – Parliamentary Proceedings
Quebec Government
Quebec Judges Council
Rulings of the Tribunal, Human Rights Tribunal (Québec)

Law Society of Saskatchewan – Fulltext Judgements
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan – Publications
Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner
Saskatchewan – Alphabetical list of Bills
Saskatchewan – Debates and Proceedings (Hansard)
Saskatchewan – Journals of the Legislative Assembly
Saskatchewan – Progress of Bills
Saskatchewan – Queen’s Printer
Saskatchewan – Sessional Papers
Saskatchewan – Statutes and Regulations
Saskatchewan – Votes and Proceedings
Saskatchewan Government

Government of Yukon: Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
Oil and Gas – Legislation (Yukon)
Yukon – Hansard Index
Yukon – Hansard Search
Yukon – Order Paper
Yukon – Progress of Bills
Yukon Government
Yukon Legislative Assembly
Yukon Statutes and Regulations