How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotionally draining and confusing process, especially when kids are involved. It's difficult to tell where to go when confronted with the intricate process of divorce. Many people are not privy to the intricate details related to this cycle. On many occasions, people spend a considerable amount of time and money going through numerous lawyers to find the right one. 

Getting the right divorce lawyer is critical to a quicker, more affordable, and less emotionally draining divorce. The right divorce attorney would save you a tedious, drawn-out, enthusiastic, and lousy monetary dream. There are numerous types of divorce. These include contested divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, default, high net worth farmers divorce, etcetera.

Unlike the uncontested divorce, a Contested divorce is usually more complex and emotionally draining for parties concerned. Therefore, contested divorce cases require tact, empathy, and understanding from your divorce lawyer. However, some people have no clue whatsoever on the right divorce lawyer to choose from, depending on the nature of their divorce. How would you know that you've put your hard-earned money, time, and trust on the right one? 

This article empowers you with a step-by-step guide on how to find the divorce attorney that will be ideal for you.

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

Ask Family and Friends

It all starts with the family and friends. These are the closest people to you, and the chances are that they already know the predicament you're facing. Call them, meet them, then explain what you've decided to do about your marriage and request them to refer you to a reputable and competent divorce attorney that they know.

Chances are that one of them might have knowledge of a good attorney in town or may know a friend who knows a good one. Asking your family might sound tricky, especially if you're that person who likes keeping things under wraps.

The feeling that people will start talking behind your back before you've even begun creeps in. If this is the case for you, just read on; other options are available.

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

Figure Out What Kind of Lawyer You Want

It's of essence to know what kind of lawyer will come in handy for you. For example, if you have a child custody disagreement or dispute, a family law attorney is the right person to handle your case. A family law attorney will serve your needs better and make the divorce process more manageable.

The same is applicable in any case that you want to be handled. It's advisable to find the right attorney specializing in the area that suits your dispute. If you manage to identify a specific attorney whose fee is too high, don't let that dissuade you. There's always the element of a bargain.

The said attorney may be expensive simply because of their vast experience on the matter at hand. Don't let pricing dissuade you unless it's completely unmanageable for you, in which case you can continue with your search.

Don't forget to perform quick online searches of the attorney you are interested in. This enables you to gather more facts about their service delivery and charges. You can also read available reviews about these lawyers online; this gives you insights and a true picture from former clients on how their cases were handled.

Get a consultation from your prospective divorce attorney. This way, you'll get to ask questions about the attorney's track record to find out if that's the right lawyer for you before making commitments.

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

Look for Lawyers Within Your Locality

It's advisable to look for divorce attorneys in your city or county. This can be done with the help of online search engines like Google, which will populate all the attorneys specific to your case that are available near you.

Getting an attorney within your city or county will help save you time and resources when going for in-person consultations.

Pick at Least Two Attorneys to Consult

Having a fallback lawyer to go to when things get complicated is of utmost necessity. Some lawyers employ crafty techniques to have clients walk in through their doors. A lawyer may masquerade as a family lawyer, yet he has never handled a family case before.

A lawyer whose case handling techniques fall below par may further complicate an uncomplicated divorce proceeding. Having another set of listening ears and professional advisor comes in handy during these complex situations.

This fallback lawyer can speedily pick up your case and make things right in case of a fallout with your first divorce lawyer. The question of falling out with your attorney can be expensive and should be avoided at all costs, which takes us to our next point.

Interview and Research

You have identified at least three attorneys you believe are competent in handling the type of divorce you'd like to file for. Incase your children are involved, and you want a family lawyer, request references.

Some lawyers claim that they understand and are experienced in family law, but they have references to back them up. Your due diligence in researching these lawyers by asking for peer references will help expose them.

Additionally, you can ask for client referrals that can attest to their professionalism and experience from them. Interview them and ask necessary questions about child custody cases.

These will help you lift the lid to expose incompetent lawyers who may only be good advisors to your case but poor mediators who may not be able to handle the legal process.

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

What Are the Red Flags?

You have interviewed your potential lawyers and eliminated the conspicuously incompetent and insincere ones.

Now you face the challenge of singling out who best to go for among the two that remain on your list. Simply go about it by listening to the red flags.

Find out:

  • Which lawyer is more empathetic about your divorce?
  • Which lawyer has a better understanding of divorce law?
  • Which lawyer does not meddle in or with your personal or spouse's personal life?
  • Do the lawyers know that confidential information is supposed to be kept private?

Communication, attention to detail, and professionalism are key in determining who will best represent your interests.

Other red flags that should make you avoid a lawyer are unresponsiveness to emails, condescending attitude, excessive billing, and bullying personas.

How To Find A Good Lawyer For Divorce

Make the Choice

I find empathy, knowledge, and understanding to be the most desirable qualities to look out for in a divorce attorney. You will need a lawyer who understands divorce proceedings and understands the basics of child custody.

A good attorney should also understand the collaborative divorce process and mediation. They must also understand that this is an emotional process that will need empathy and deep understanding.

A good lawyer should have a good legal strategy in divorce proceedings. You are already going through a difficult period in your life. Therefore, it won't be in your best interest to find a representation that only serves to worsen your situation.

In most scenarios, a combative lawyer isn't recommended as your go-to divorce lawyer. Combativeness will only serve to breed rigidity and hostility, and grand-standing between you and your spouse.

You will need a divorce attorney who can make your divorce as flawless as possible, especially when children are involved. A good attorney should have your best interests in mind, as any lawyer should. Your lawyer should answer your calls and return your emails in a timely fashion.

Your ideal lawyer should be accessible and readily available to address your concerns. These are some of the important questions to ask your divorce attorney.

What are their rates and fees for offered service? How much time will they spend on your case, if at all they slot time?

The more time they allocate to your case, the better it will get the attention it deserves from them.

How many similar cases have they handled in the past?

Having experience with a case like yours will imply that they have the right expertise and experience to go through the twists and bends of your divorce case.

Are they a team, or is it just an individual going to handle your case?

A team of lawyers will be more beneficial to avoid one individual being overwhelmed by your case.

Do they have any reviews? If so, what are the comments about their service like?

Many negative reviews will obviously be a red flag. But be skeptical about excellent reviews too. Excellent reviews, maybe reviews from cronies or known associates. Ensure to enquire from your potential attorney how much their upfront payment is and any other hidden fee.

Believe it or not, money is among the challenging issues that you'll have to talk through and come to an agreement with your potential divorce lawyer. Don't allow them to blackmail you into believing that higher costs equal better representation.

Ensure that a formal contract is signed between you and your attorney, properly outlining that no extra costs are to be incurred within that period. Be completely open with your lawyer to ensure that no aspect of your situation is kept in the dark for better presentation.


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