Ask An Expert

This page is preserved from the old website:

The Ask an Expert Project for Youth provides a virtual place for young people to ask justice and legal questions and have them answered by a team of volunteer lawyers, librarians and other legal and justice experts. Questions posted may or may not rel ate to their classroom activities, although teachers may encourage its use for classroom related activities. The key factor in this service is that the youth are interacting directly with the experts. This service is not designed to provide legal advice. Questions requiring legal advice will be answered with a suggestion to seek legal counsel.

What is unique about this project?
The service uses a conferencing/discussion forum on the World Wide Web. A young person can post a legal question in this public discussion forum and have a volunteer expert answer their questions. This service is similar to the conventional reference service other than it is done electronically. Having this service in a publicly accessible forum gives the users the opportunity to read the posted questions and answers. This may eliminate the need for them to ask the same question.