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A total of 29 records were found matching your criteria: Landlord and tenant

Resources about legal topics related to renting housing.

See also keywords: Affordable housing, Homelessness, Real estate and home ownership, Supportive living and seniors' housing
LS  Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta
  This online resource is a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. It has information for both landlords and tenants. For Tenants, this site will give you information about: Becoming a Tenant; Moving In; Living There; Moving Out; Disputes; Students; a News section; as well as a Glossary. For Landlords, this site will give you information about: Becoming a Landlord; Before the Tenancy; During the Tenancy; Ending the Tenancy; Disputes; a News section; as well as a Glossary.

FT  A Checklist for Renters and Landlords
  This online checklist has been prepared by Service Alberta and is helpful for those who will be sharing rental space, first time tenants and landlords. The checklist includes valuable information about tenant and landlord responsibilities and explains why a written tenancy agreement is so important - even for students who rent a single room in a landlord's home. (PDF - 2 pages)

FT  Application in Provincial Court of Alberta under the Residential Tenancies Act and Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act
  This booklet, provided by the Alberta Courts, is a resource for landlords and tenants. It includes information about: What should I do first?; Right to Apply to Residential Tenancy Dispute; What are the remedies offered under the RTA?; How do I start my application?; How do I file and serve the notice of application and the supporting affidavit?; What can I do if I have been served with a notice of application?; What happens at the hearing?; What happens after the decision?; Appeals; Legal/Related Information; Civic Offices Telephone Numbers. (PDF - 29 pages)

Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA)
  The Calgary Residential Rental Association provides a voice for the residential rental industry, and provides professional services and learning opportunities for members, including educational programs and resources.

Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) - Edmonton area
  Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) is the largest provider of social and affordable housing in the Edmonton area. They manage over 4500 social housing rental units and over 400 affordable housing rental units. They offer both townhouses and apartments throughout the city. For people who have a decent place to live, but who may need help with their rent, CRHC offers 5 different rent subsidy programs. Provincial programs are provided in Edmonton and surrounding areas, while city programs are offered just in Edmonton.

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta - Publications
  The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta produces and distributes booklets and pamphlets that explain the law in plain language. Topics areas include: Landlord and tenant; Real estate; Wills and estates; Registered charities; Elder abuse; and Law-related education materials for schools. Publications are available as PDFs or print copies may be ordered.

FT  Consumer Tipsheet - Information for Landlords and Tenants
  This tipsheet is created by Alberta Government Services and includes information about: Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service; Who is a tenant? Who is a landlord?; Moving In; Living There; Moving Out; Renting a Condominium; Resources and Referral Information. (PDF - 12 p.)

LS  Crime Free Multi-housing Program
  The goal of the Crime Free Multi-Housing program is to introduce crime prevention techniques to rental property as to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity occurring on the premises. The Crime Free Multi-Housing program adheres to the principles detailed in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The City of Edmonton has a number of properties that have completed the three phases and are certified Crime Free Multi-Housing properties. As a public service, the EPS has complied a list of certified properties based on the five policing divisions throughout the city.

LS  Edmonton Apartment Association
  The Edmonton Apartment Association brings together owners, operators and managers of residential rental properties. Working together, they promote professionalism, education and equity in all aspects of the Residential Rental Business for the benefit of industry members and tenants.

Foreclosure for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta
  If a rental property is foreclosed upon, the rights of the tenant and the rights of the landlord will be affected. This booklet from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta answers frequently asked questions about the foreclosure process with a focus on the implications for tenants. This 8 page PDF is available for free download.

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